Connect Groups

We Are Better Together.

Growth happens best in the context of community.

Connect Groups foster environments where we grow in community, receive care, and are challenged to grow.

Connect Groups Provide…


We weren’t created to be alone. We were created with a high capacity for relationships. Even the most introverted of people need relationships with friends. Our Sunday morning environment is great for creating moments where you can see and meet people regularly. But our Connect Groups are intended to give you a deeper sense of community with the people in your group. We hear it all the time: the people you look for on Sunday are the people you connect with in your group.


There will be seasons in your life when you need support from people around you. Your Connect Group is that support. They will pray for you when you need prayer, celebrate with you when you have that special occasion, and support you when you need a helping hand. And you get to return that favor when others in the group are in need.


Sunday services start the conversation for spiritual growth. But your Connect Group is where you have the conversations that lead to deeper engagement on the subjects we discuss on Sundays. Groups are a place where you can wrestle with your doubts, affirm your beliefs, and ask sincere questions that lead to deeper understanding.