Connect Groups

We Are Better Together.

Growth happens best in the context of community.

Connect Groups foster environments were we grow in community, receive care, and are challenged to grow.

How do I know which group is best for me?

You can identify the best group for you by asking yourself these questions. Whichever one most resonates with you will help narrow down your options.

What do I need to know about the Christian Faith? Where do I begin?

Try an Alpha Group

Alpha Groups are designed to help people who are new to faith or exploring faith, to understand the fundamentals of Christianity. 

Alpha is an 11-week group with two cycles per calendar year. The fall semester launches in September while the spring semester launches in January. Each session is one-hour long with a 30 minute video presentation followed by discussion. 

How can I get to know people at Connect?

Try a Connect Group

Connect Groups exist for the primary purpose of helping you develop relationships that last. Connect Groups gather around a common interest and focus on developing relationships while having conversations that spur growth. 

Examples of Connect Groups might be:

  • Men’s / Women’s Groups
  • Stage of life
  • Life event
  • Gathering of existing friendships

How can I grow in my faith?

Try a Growth Group

Growth Groups exist for the primary purpose of helping develop an understanding of God and spiritual practices that will help foster a healthy, growing relationship with God.

Examples of Growth Groups might be:

  • Various Bible Studies
  • The Bible Project – Giving you an overview of how the Bible fits together.
  • Rooted – Developing the seven rhythms of a Christian life and growing in our understanding of God.