What is a Watch party?

A Watch Party is a group of people gathering to share the Connect Church Online Worship Experience together in a host home on a weekly rhythm.

Why are we having Watch Parties?

We understand that there are some in our church family who aren’t ready to engage in the in-person services at this time. And that’s fine! In the meantime, Watch Parties are a way for people to start reconnecting at a smaller level with others at Connect.

What will happen during a Watch Party?

Typically, a Watch Party will gather in a home, and at an established time:

  • Share food or drinks together
  • View weekly teaching from the Connect Online Experience
  • Take communion together on the weeks we take communion
  • Share in discussion and application of weekly teaching
  • Be available to pray together if need is there
  • Serving together as opportunities and needs arise

How can I sign up or register a new watch party?

We would love to be able to keep track of the numbers of Watch Parties and the engagement with each one. Please use the links below to let us know about your Watch Party. If you don’t have a group you can meet with, you can use the links to sign up to be a part of a Watch Party at the Connect Center.


* Register Your Watch Party

What you should know about watch parties

How will groups form to participate in Watch Parties?

Watch Parties can be current small groups, members of Team Connect who serve together, neighbors or friends.  We want this to be as organic as possible. If you are not currently in a Connect Group or serving on a team, you can sign up and we can help place you in a Watch Party of your choice.

Who can participate in watch parties?

Anyone who is ready to begin to gather in small groups of people to share a worship experience together. If you are not comfortable or you are at risk physically we encourage you to wait.

What about my kids?

Kids are a welcome and integral part of the faith community. The Connect Online Worship Experience is something that middle & high school students and adults can participate together in. For children younger than that, we will continue to provide a separate online experience. This can be viewed at the same time on a different device, or after the main service has finished.

What if I’m not ready or able to participate in Watch Parties?

We will continue to offer our Online Campus and weekly Connect Church Online Experience on Sunday @ 9:00am and 10:30am.

When will Watch Parties gather for the Online Experience?

Many groups will likely meet on Sunday morning but there will be groups that meet at other times through the week. Our online experience is available on demand from noon onwards on Sundays.

How long will a Watch Party last?

The online service typically lasts around 45 minutes. The length of the watch party will depend on what you choose to do before and after the service with regards to food, drinks and discussion.

Where will Watch Parties occur?

Most Watch Parties will take place in people’s homes. 

How do I connect and let you know I want to participate?

Go to the section above in black and let us know if you plan on hosting a Watch Party. We’d love to know who will be joining you, too.

What can I do to help with Watch Parties?

The two main ways to help are:

  • Offer your home as a host site for a Watch Party
  • Be a gatherer. Invite a few people to join you at a Watch Party.
If I serve as a host/leader for a Watch Party what is expected of me?

During a Watch Party you might:

  • Lead your gathering in prayer
  • Lead a time of communion
  • Facilitate a discussion of the weekly teaching
  • Coordinate your Watch Party schedule and details with the Connect leadership team
  • Look for ways to serve together to meet the needs of a Watch Party group member and the community
How long are Watch Parties going to last?

We haven’t set an end date for Watch Parties as some may continue on even after we return to meeting on Sunday mornings in the building.

What is the next phase for Connect Church?

We are praying, planning, and preparing for the next phases already! We’ll update you as soon as we have clarity on timing and the details of the next phase.